Why Are Photographers So Expensive

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When you are looking into hiring a photographer usually the first question is “Why are they so expensive, they are just taking pictures?”
Ok, so we've all said it but I want to help explain why photographers are expensive. Photography is a service we provide. Like any business, that service has to be maintained to meet the needs of the client and to pay for running a business.

Many photographers have gone to school, got their degrees, worked with mentors and will continue to learn, develop and hone their skills, every day of their lives. Being a photographer is like a live organism it’s always growing, changing and developing. We have to stay on top of that to bring our clients the best that we can do. Now add all the business education and learning that goes into running any successful business.  This is just the beginning. 

With that, let me run you through what the basics are of one of my Photo Sessions. (In my Studio)

1. Contact client.  Meet and go over what their expectations are for the shoot and their fears, confirm time, place and answer questions, sign model contract, pay consignment fee.
2. Set up a Private Pinterest Board for them, where we can both pin photos and ideas for the shoot. **This is where the creativity begins, where I can get to know how to artistically take the experience for you from “just getting your picture taken” to a portrait where you and your loved ones will cherish it this image for years to come. 
3. Purchasing any items needed for the shoot.
4. Coordinating shoot with Hair and Make Up Artist
5. Meeting with Stylist and client.
6. Studio set up. Includes checking all equipment, arranging area for the shoot, changing lighting, updating sets. 3 hours
7. Day of the shoot:

a. Camera and lens prepared, batteries charged
b. Snacks and water 
c. Lighting and background put into finalized and put place
d. Test Shots e. Before Photos taken
e. Hair and makeup 1-2 hours
f. 1st clothing change shoot 1 hour +
g. 2nd clothing change shoot 1hour+ (hair and makeup retouched.
h. 3rd clothing change shoot 1 hour+

8. Post Processing. Includes the following

a. Downloading 400-500 images
b. Selecting the flattering and most details images
c. Lightroom adjustments for chosen images. 5-6 days. Order reveal images
d. Contact client for photo reveal
e. Meet with client going over final image selection. (2 hours) Final payment.
f. Order clients photo package and ala carte images g. Deliver images. 

This is kind of an average; you all know that nothing goes as planned. LOL. So if we add an hour in there for the unexpected we have hit the high spots.

Sharing from my heart, I wish that I could instantly get everyone to find a photo from their past, a pet, a family member, a friend, that they value and cherish. Then think about your family, the people you love and about them having something to cherish, creating memories, having an experience of a lifetime. How do you put a price on that? 

I want to create for you images that take your breath away and real how beautiful you really are.  This life as a photographer is about taking pictures, its about a service that will touch you and your family, it's a service of beauty and joy. Let me share that world with you, I promise you will never be the same.



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