Always Learning

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Always Learning

It seems that there are always new things to learn and new experiences with every step we take. Recently I entered a photography genre that I have stayed away from, for no other reason than just preference. I have never considered myself a Wedding Photographer, though I have shot weddings before. So let me tell you about what I learned.

A very dear photography friend of mine asked me to second shoot a wedding with her. Of course I couldn’t turn her down and was excited that I would get to spend the day with her shooting. So we made a plan and was pretty prepared for any “surprises” that would pop up. We got to the church and it was beautiful. A very old church with huge stain glass windows all around. The lighting was amazing, and the old feeling from a church built in the 1800s was perfect to set the mood for the wedding. To think about all the weddings that had taken place there, made me really want to step up my photo game.

We were not allowed of course to take any photos during the ceremony, so we did half the photos inside before and then the rest outside in a beautiful court yard that had a labyrinth in the center, surround with bright Spring flowers. Everyone in the wedding party was great. They were happy, laid back and ready to enjoy the day. (this made photographing everyone a lot easier, LOL)

So we get the first round of photos taken and had about an hour before the ceremony was to begin. We sat down outside and reviewed what we had gotten, checked our itinerary and that’s when we started seeing a bigger picture. For me I realized I wasn’t just shooting a wedding, I was doing what I love to do, I love photographing people and faces and laughter and tears. Whether in my studio or in something I avoided like a wedding. This wedding gave me an opportunity to grow and photograph people at their pinnacle of joy, with promises of love and happiness through all that life would send their way. I got to photograph hope, I got to catch a moment of a day dreamed of.

This similar to what I do in the Studio, by takings photos of women and men, letting my camera bring out in them a true beauty, bringing to the surface, joy and hope and fun and excitement. Making their photo session one of the best experiences they have ever had. Creating a memory, a positive day to look back on, and an image that will last for many generations to come.

 Have a great day!


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