What to Expect at Your Photo Session

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When I talk to people about getting their photos taken professionally, I get some interesting comments. Here are a few.

  • I need to drop a few pounds
  • The thoughts of getting professional pictures of my wrinkles…
  • I’ve never done something like that before, it sounds overwhelming
  • I don’t have anything that I look good in
  • I don’t know how to do my makeup
  • My hair is awful, let’s wait till it grows out
  • I’m more comfortable with someone taking my photo with their phone


That’s just a few and at first it doesn’t sound like much and you may identify with some of these, but these statements come from deep inside. I am hoping that what I’m about to share with you will make you look at getting your portrait taken by me a little differently.

My goal for every photo session I do is to make each client feel relaxed, comfortable and special. I know exactly how intimidating the thoughts of getting in front of a camera can be. So I treat each person, how I would want to be treated, if I was in their shoes, and I set up each session how I would want my photo session to go.

Let’s walk through our session together.

The first thing that I like to do is meet with you. I like to make it someplace for coffee. This is where we get to know each other a little bit and I can ask you some questions about the direction of your shoot. We’ll talk about clothes, jewelry, shoes, hair, make up, and try to define a direction. This meeting also gives me a launching ground for ideas of posing, and lighting for you. It’s where my creativity starts. We will also go over the paperwork, set a time/date and the Session fee is paid.

Let me just toss something out here for you. Your size DOES NOT MATTER, I can pose anyone, it’s my job, it’s what I do, it’s what I love and it’s my calling. I’m going to take beautiful photos of you, the real you, the beautiful you, I’m not photographing your size. Honestly, I have never met anyone who is happy with their outside.

Ok now that’s out of the way, let’s get to when you walk in the door.

When you arrive, (and you will have the butterflies) I’ll have everything set up, and an area where you can do your outfit changes. If you have decided on getting your hair and makeup done I’ll turn you over to my hair and makeup pro and make sure you have a bottled water. While you are in their chair, we’ll be going over what we had talked about and some of the ideas I have for your session.

Like I had mentioned before I shoot in a very relaxed atmosphere. If you want music, we’ll have music and now camera time will begin.

Depending on your outfit changes most photo sessions 2-4 hours. We take breaks, we have outfit changes, and since I live in a very beautiful area, we may go outside for a few photos.

When we are finished, either that evening or the next morning I will begin the post processing of your photos. When they are ready, I will call you, and we will meet again, for the Reveal. In most cases it’s about a week. The reveal is an amazing part to all of this. You see your photos for the first time, and we go over them together and you choose your favorites and the photo package you want. From there I fill your photo order and we will meet again for the delivery.

I hope that you can see, that your session is very important to me. I know for the most part it isn’t easy to make the decision to be professionally photographed, but having these photos, images that will be around for your family and their future means so much. I like to say we are making beautiful heirlooms.


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